Special Session on Evolutionary Many-objective Optimization 2019-11-22 19:40:40
Special Session on Evolutionary Many-objective Optimization
At 2020 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation , Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Organizers:  Rui Wang, Guohua Wu, Ran Cheng, Miqing Li
  • Motivations and Theme
The field of evolutionary multi-objective optimization has developed rapidly over the last 20 years, but the design of effective algorithms for addressing problems with more than three objectives (called many-objective optimization problems, MaOPs) remains a great challenge. First, the ineffectiveness of the Pareto dominance relation, which is the most important criterion in multi-objective optimization, results in the underperformance of traditional Pareto-based algorithms. Also, the aggravation of the conflict between convergence and diversity, along with increasing time or space requirement as well as parameter sensitivity, has become key barriers to the design of effective many-objective optimization algorithms. Furthermore, the infeasibility of solutions' direct observation can lead to serious difficulties in algorithms' performance investigation and comparison. All of these suggest the pressing need of new methodologies designed for dealing with MaOPs, new performance metrics and test functions tailored for experimental and comparative studies of evolutionary many-objective optimization (EMaO) algorithms.

  • List of Topics
We welcome high-quality original submissions addressing various topics related to evolutionary many-objective optimization, but are not limited to:
1.Algorithms for evolutionary many-objective optimization, including search operators, mating selection,         environmental selection and population initialization;
2.Performance indicators for evolutionary many-objective optimization;

3.Benchmark functions for evolutionary many-objective optimization;

4.Visualization techniques for evolutionary many-objective optimization;

5.Objective reduction techniques for evolutionary many-objective optimization;

6.Preference articulation and decision making methods for evolutionary many-objective optimization;

7.Constraint handling methods for evolutionary many-objective optimization;

8.Evolutionary many-objective optimization in combinatorial/discrete problems;

9.Evolutionary many-objective optimization in dynamic environments;

10. Evolutionary many-objective optimization in large-scale problems.
  • Author's Schedule
For more details about the conference, please check the website of WCCI 2020: https://wcci2020.org/ 
  •  Important Dates
Paper submission: 15 Jan 2020
Author notification: 15 Jan 2020
Final Submission and Early Registration Deadline: 15 April 2020.

  • Organizers
Dr. Rui Wang,
(Email: ruiwangnudt@gmail.com)
College of System Engineering, National University of Defense Technology, P.R.China
Prof. Guohua Wu,
Email:guohuawu@csu.edu.cn )
College of Traffic and transportation Engineering, Central South University, P.R. China
Dr. Ran Cheng,
(Email: ranchengcn@gmail.com )
Department of Computer Science, South University of Science and Technology, P.R. China
Dr. Miqing Li,
(Email: limitsing@gmail.com )
School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom.